Our History

Boston Share Network was founded in 2004 by Dorothy and Len Werst of Acton, MA, after personal experience with poor and homeless people in Boston.  Dorothy and Len saw the needs, heard the pleas and were touched by the situations of other human beings. Ultimately, their souls were enriched by an ability to help.

The evolution began with the need for shoes and boots.  What followed was a chain reaction of needs identification over the years,

followed by Boston Share Network's collective response, working together to provide:

winter coats...gloves, hats, scarves and socks...toiletries...nightgowns and pajamas...underwear...used clothing...books and magazines...funding to renovate a space for a shelter washer and dryer. 

That was followed by the development of our three programs, established because shelter representatives voiced the needs of the people they serve to Boston Share Network leader Dorothy Werst:

Massachusetts IDs so people can prove who they are, thereby having the ability to apply for a job, cash a check , sign a lease, open a bank account ("You Are SomeBody!" ID Program).

Funding to move furniture and household goods so that people moving out of a shelter and into housing don't have to sleep on the floor and cope without furniture during their waking hours (Moving Assistance Program).

Funding for people living in shelters who need transportation to get to job interviews, medical appointments, court appearances, new jobs, meetings with probation officers and family-related visits via mass transportation (Transportation Program).

With the incredible support of many individuals, families, groups, churches, organizations and businesses, Boston Share Network continues its evolution to bridge the gap between homelessness and a life of hope!

Donate here using PayPal. Your donation will go towards the most urgent needs of the shelters in the Boston Share Network.