Our Shelter Partners

We are honored to work with our shelter partners and the people they serve:
  • Boston Rescue Mission
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • New England Center and Home for Veterans
  • Rosie's Place
  • St. Francis House
  • Starlight Ministries
  • The Home for Little Wanderers
  • Women's Lunch Place
  • Y2Y Harvard Square
Links to each shelter website, as well as additional information, appear below:

Shelter      Mission Statement
Boston Rescue Mission    

Established in 1899, the Boston Rescue mission statement is as follows:
  • Offer resources that prevent and end homelessness
  • Support the recovery, health, faith, and independence of those who have a history of substance abuse, incarceration, and homelessness
  • Raise awareness about the root causes of these life risks
  • Serve everyone with respect, integrity, and grace
  • Continue to learn, grow, and excel in our services
  • Be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our supporters
  • Reflect the teachings of Jesus and the love of God in all we do
Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Founded in 1970, Bridge Over Troubled Waters offers prevention, intervention and educational services to at-risk and homeless youth

  • Its long-term personal and outpatient substance abuse counseling provides assistance to youth to overcome the pain of past abuse, identify their addictive behaviors and develop strategies. 
  • The organization’s health services provide medical care to youth who experience violence, malnutrition, abuse and unhealthy conditions on the streets. 
  • Its mobile medical van offers assistance to homeless youth. 
  • The organization’s in-house medical clinic provides physical examinations and referral services. 
  • Its dental clinic offers examinations, cleanings and fillings. 

Additionally, it offers counseling, career development and transitional living services. It is located in Boston.

New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) Established in 1990, the mission of the New England Center and Home for Veterans is to extend a helping hand to homeless men and women veterans who are addressing the challenges of addiction, trauma, severe and persistent mental illness, and/or unemployment,  and who will commit themselves to sobriety, non-violence, and working for personal change. We are recognized as one of the most effective private veteran's transition programs in the country.
Rosie's Place

Established in 1974, the mission of Rosie’s Place is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives.

Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women, offers emergency and long-term assistance to women who have nowhere else to turn. Rosie’s Place welcomes each guest with respect and unconditional love. Rosie’s Place accepts no government funds, and relies instead on committed volunteers and private supporters to accomplish its effective and innovative work.

We seek to fulfill this mission through the expression of our core values: welcoming; unconditional love; fair and non-judgmental treatment; encouragement; holistic approach; alleviation of suffering; truth; pursuit of social justice; and independence.

Starlight Ministries

Established in 1990, Starlight’s network of experienced staff, committed volunteers and churches-in-training connect with individuals through street outreach and in-house services, which not only engage the personal concerns of homeless or street-involved individuals, but which also provide the critical field training for Christians seeking to build real relationships and minister effectively on the streets.

On the ground relationship-building is supported by a foundation of targeted trainings for outreach volunteers and coaching for church-based teams. Training, coaching and mentoring includes everything from overviews of homelessness and street life, to the how-tos of outreach and relationship, to the principles of partnering with individuals seeking change.

Together, we can foster a culture of real relationships that facilitate people transitioning off of the streets and becoming integral and beloved members of our communities.

St. Francis House

Established in 1984, and grounded in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we the staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors of St. Francis House work as a community to provide for the poor and homeless of Boston:

A safe, caring, respectful and dignified refuge in downtown Boston which offers the basic services of food, shelter, clothing, medical care, mental health and substance abuse counseling to all who enter our doors;

Educational and rehabilitative services such as counseling for obtaining employment and housing in order to discover and develop their strengths, talents, interests and goals to reintegrate their lives in the community.

When services are unavailable, St. Francis House will work with the larger community to develop needed resources to serve the poor and homeless in Boston, and participate in the shaping of solutions to the injustices we see.

The Home for Little Wanderers

Serving children and youth from birth to 22, The Home makes a positive impact on over 7,000 lives each year through a wide network of programs. Our "open door" structure allows children, families and young adults to access services at any point in the continuum of care, based on their needs.

Primary service areas include: individual, group and family therapy; psychological and neuro-psychological testing; medication management; child and family skills development; therapeutic mentoring; birth parent counseling; life skills training; community connection and integration; behavioral stabilization; educational preparation; and social, vocational and daily living supports.

In one of our programs, the Young Adult Resource Network (YARN), life coaches provide wraparound supports to young adults ages 17-22 who are involved with the Department of Children and Families. Assistance is available to obtain stable housing, employment, physical and psychological wellness, and access to educational and community resources, while helping to develop supportive relationships.
Women's Lunch PlaceEstablished in 1982, Women’s Lunch Place provides a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and services for women who are homeless or poor. We treat women with dignity and respect and foster a community committed to meeting each woman’s needs.

Core Values:

  • We believe no individual should have to be hungry or homeless.
  • We meet each woman where she is, and we base and adjust our services according to her needs.
  • We offer our services in a gracious, comfortable and safe environment, offering both physical and emotional sustenance.
  • We create a community of understanding and acceptance among guests, staff, volunteers and board members. 
 Y2Y Harvard SquareY2Y is the nation’s only student-run overnight shelter providing a safe and affirming environment for young adults experiencing homelessness.  Y2Y guests have opportunities to collaborate with service providers, other young adults experiencing homelessness, and student volunteers to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness and develop skills for long-term success.  We believe:
  • Dignity is for everyone. We believe everyone deserves to feel pride and self-worth, and we are committed to ensuring that all people are treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
  • Dignity is for everyone. We believe everyone deserves to feel pride and self-worth, and we are committed to ensuring that all people are treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
  • We never stop growing and improving. Quantitative and qualitative surveys and assessments allow us to continually update and adapt our programming to ensure that we are providing the absolute best service possible.
  • No one is alone at Y2Y. Everything we do is a team effort, from day-to-day operations to advocacy and leadership. We thrive on a connected, collaborative environment, bringing together the unique skills.
  • We are open to all lived experiences and strive to create a non-judgmental, open, and affirming space for young people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

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