Compassionate Hands for Our Homeless and Poor

Moving Assistance Program

When people are finally able to move out of the shelter into housing, they may not have the money to pay for the move or have any furniture.  We learned that people were sleeping on the floor and coping without furniture.  BSN started the Moving Assistance Program which pays a moving company up to $400 for clients who need that help.

People who are in programs at our partner shelters and who are recommended by their case managers are eligible to receive Moving Assistance.

With the assistance of agencies such as the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, New Life Home Refurnishing, and Household Goods, our shelter clients can choose needed furniture items -- bed, table, chair, sofa, electronics, and other household goods. BSN provides the funds for vans or moving companies to pick up these items from the agency and deliver them to the person's new home.

BSN also provides funds for shelters to purchase $40 gift certificates for cleaning supplies for people moving to their own apartments.

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