Our Mission, Programs, Shelter Partners

Boston Share Network (BSN) is a non-profit organization consisting of a coalition of volunteers, shelters and agencies working together to bridge the gap between homelessness and a life of hope by:

  • assessing the immediate and ongoing needs of the homeless and poor people in the Boston area
  • responding to those needs by collecting tangible items and by raising funds to administer BSN programs
  • fostering the sharing of resources and information among shelters

Established Programs

Homeless and poor people do not have extra money on hand to cover the cost of transactions that can change their lives for the better:

  • The Moving Assistance Program pays up to $400 for a moving company to pick up furniture at a furniture bank and move it to the client's new home. When homeless people finally get permanent housing, we learned that they frequently were sleeping on the floor because they had no furniture, and no way to get it.  
  • The "You Are SomeBody" ID Program provides the $25 fee required by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to get a Massachusetts ID card. One of the most critical issues facing the poor and homeless is lack of identification.  Once you have a state-issued ID, you can apply for a job, cash a check, fill a prescription, sign a lease, open a bank account, get a credit card and get a social security card. Without an ID, you can do none of those things.   
  • The Transportation Program provides funds for clients to use public transportation in and around Boston.When you're living in a shelter, you still need to get to important commitments like medical appointments, job interviews, court appearances, new jobs, meetings with probation officers, and family-related visits. 
Homeless people often need clothing and other tangible goods, and Boston Share Network has addressed those needs over the years through its Tangible Goods Donations.  BSN accepts clothing only for adults since the shelters in its network only serve adult clients.  In addition, since neither BSN nor the shelters have storage space for out-of-season donations, it is important that tangible goods donations be season-appropriate when given.  For specific information on types of clothing needed, gender, sizes, and other tangible needs, click here and scroll down past the financial donations information.

Our Shelter Partners

  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Rosie's Place
  • St. Francis House
  • Miracle Mile Ministries
  • Women's Lunch Place


There are 3 ways you can make a donation to Boston Share Network

1.  Send a check made out to 
     Boston Share Network to:

Boston Share Network
c/o St. Matthews UMC
435 Central St
Acton, MA 01720

2. Use the Donate Button below to make donations via our PayPal Giving Fund page using a Credit/Debit card and have 100% of your donation go to BSN


3. Via Venmo using this QR code:

Your donation will go toward the most urgent needs of the shelters in the Boston Share Network.